Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-New Cast- Behind the Scenes.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."  All new cast.  Only on FX.

Yay, my video is on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" Facebook page. Their page has OVER 3 MILLION likes.  That is a lot of "eyeballs" watching.  Over 950 people "liked" the post with my video in it and has been shared over 30 times. Happy happy happy!!! 
Please go to "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" Facebook page and scroll down to October 5th. --->>> Click on HERE for "Sunny''s Facebook page. Scroll down for video

On Thursday, October 4th I  went to bed at 2am (usual time) and woke up at 3am.  I showered, got ready and drove to my assistants' house, George Thomas Mansel at 4am. George was ready to seize the day and we drove to Westwood by 4:30am.  On Westwood Blvd and Ohio there is a Coffee Bean and right in front of it is a huge yellow billboard.
I was hired by my client FX (Fox Studios), to take photos of the billboard changing from "Sunny's" old cast to the new cast members.  Danny DeVito is being replaced by Andrew Dice Clay.  

I was also requested to shoot video.   The still photos from the shoot were sequenced so that the final product was in a time-lapse of the 'covering up' of the billboard. In the screen shots below you can see the transformation of the old billboard to the new billboard.

The crane company belonging to CBS Outdoors got to the site at 5:15am.  The crew of three members did a fantastic job in putting up the billboard in an expedient manner. Fast, professional and absolutely fun to work with. A truly professional crew to the "T."

We wrapped up the shoot just before 6am.  George did a tremendous job of assisting with "everything" on the set.  Two cameras were used.  One used a Canon Intervalometer to capture a photo every X amount of seconds The other camera was set on a tripod to record video.  I also had two GoPro cameras, one on an 8 foot ladder and the other on 4 foo ladder, to record the whole scene.

What great enthusiasm and energy George has.  There aren't many people who you can call on the fly (the day before) and ask them to be "UP" and ready to go at 4 o'clock in the morning. George is one of them. Very rare to find someone as willing as he is.  I'm used to sleeping for only a couple of hours, so waking up at the crack of dawn, on an hour of sleep is no big deal. Finding another person with equal amount of energy and willingness is a rare find. Thank you George, BIG time.

I drove George back to his house in Venice and then went home. Without any sleep I edited the raw footage so that the still photos could be sequenced into a time lapse, uploaded some select images to a private online gallery for my client FX and then brought the products to my client.

By the next business day, Friday October the 5th, FX posted my video to their Facebook "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" page. What an honor. I'm really blessed and so deeply appreciative. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Below a screen shot from "Sunny's" Facebook page.)
(Above: From the Facebook Page of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.") 
Click on HERE for "Sunny's" Facebook page----->>>Click on HERE, then scroll down for video

(Above: on the far right you can see one of the billboard members rolling out the new billboard.)

(Above: Danny DeVito is being replaced by Andrew Dice Clay.)

(Above: Introducing Xibitt)

(Above: On the left is the before and on the right, the after.
Left is with Danny DeVito and
Right is with a new cast with Andrew Dice Clay.)

(Below: iPhone pictures capturing images behind the scenes.)

(Above: George Thomas Mansel)

(Above: Shiggy adjusting the exposure for the video.  Note the GoPro on a 4 foot ladder to the right.)

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