Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fitness Photo Shoot: Stephanie Pacitto: Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya: GoShiggyGo.Com

Model: Stephanie Pacitto

Born: Canada
1st Time: 2012 Ironman™ Arizona Finisher
Thank you Lloyd Taylor at TRIATHLON LAB (click on HERE) for the long sleeve shirt.  

Photographer:©Shiggy Ichinomiya

  GoShiggyGo Photography
   a division of SHIGPRO Pictures Inc.
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Location: Los Angeles, California

 (Above: Smile with your eyes. )

 (Above: Sunglasses model anyone?)

 (Above: Sunglasses model anyone?)

(Above: How much fun is Stephanie having?
This much.)

(Above: Playful!!!)

 (Below:A quick "Behind the Scenes Video" of Stephanie.)
**Click lower right box to view full screen. BIG!!
 (Above:A quick "Behind the Scenes Video" of Stephanie.)
*This photo session included an optional behind the scenes video. Yours can too. 

(Above: Behind the Scenes Photo. Yes, it was
very cold outside. Stephanie was a trooper and carried on.
What great commitment Stephanie has to doing whatever it takes to get the shots. Bravo. So grateful for Stephanie's positive attitude and willingness to try new poses, different looks, despite the freezing cold. )

(Above: Always a thrill to see a photo that you took on 
a well visited website. 
Thank you Triathlon Lab.)

New Year
New You
New Photos
New Opportunities

Is 2013 going to be yet another year of making feeble excuses, continuing to live small and hiding in the shadows?  OR are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and you've had enough of your pity party and your self-doubt, and your limiting self-beliefs? It gets old. THAT story you tell yourself is old.

It's time. It's time to create a new story.  YOUR new story. It's time for YOU to be unstoppable. No more hitting bunts and walking to first base. It's time to hit home runs. It's time to swing for the fences like YOUR life depends on it.  

Is it going to be YOUR year of stepping into the light, shinning brightly, doing what you "said" you'd do and getting your body in picture perfect state?

Surprise your loved one with a photo of you. Make your friends jealous and drool at your amazing body. Show the world your hard work. 

Have concrete proof in a photo that all the time you resisted temptation, didn't indulge in sweets, ran the extra mile, succeeded in doing one more rep actually paid off.  Tell your friends and relatives on Facebook: "Here I am."  

Be the inspiration for others.  Your photos can be the motivation for other people to live a healthy and fabulous life. Be the leader you are born to be.

You'll never be ready. You just do. 
There is never a perfect time. You just do. 
You show up. It all works out. Show up to your own life.
If you wait for the perfect will never come.

"Do one thing every day that scares you."  Eleanor Roosevelt

Then let's schedule a photo shoot.  A before and after.
Or if you are ready NOW, then let's book a photography session and make it happen.  The longer you wait, the less likely you'll do it. Have the courage to step out of your shell. You never know where it can lead.  

What YOUR photos can do:


                            ----->>Hollywood Agents
                            ----->>Casting Agents
                          ----->> Directors
                            ----->>Art Directors
                            ----->> Magazines (Fitness, Vogue, Glamour etc.)
                            ----->> Ads
                            ----->> Commercials (book a national campaign)
                            ----->> Television
                             ----->>Print ads
                             ----->>Catalogues (Macys, Victoria Secrets etc.)
                             ----->>Web/Online Ads
                             ----->>Book Covers
                             ----->>Store Displays
                             ----->>In-House Marketing Material
                             ----->>Get you work
                             ----->>The possibilities are limitless.  

Book a photo shoot now--->>>

Book a photo shoot now--->>>

Book a photo shoot now--->>>

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