Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boudoir photos. Just because!!! Naomi H. by LA based Shiggy Ichinomiya GoShiggyGo.Com

Classy, sexy and elegant boudoir photo shoot with 
Naomi H. by GoShiggyGo Photography 
Photographer: ©Shiggy Ichinomiya
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Boudoir client: Naomi H. 

My client Naomi H. wanted boudoir photos "just because."  Some of my clients have photos taken specifically for their boyfriend, husband, fiance, or significant other of the same sex, however, once in a while, I get clients who want boudoir photos for no particular reason, other than they want them for themselves.  The photos can be a celebration or an accomplishment, such as losing  10 or 20 pounds or more.

Photos by LA based photographer Shiggy Ichinomiya
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(Above: Spectacular eyes Naomi!!!)

(Above: Great eyes Naomi!!!)

(Above: Sitting pretty like a doll)

(Above: Look into my eyes.......)

(Below: Client Testimonial)
(Above: Thank you very much indeed for the 
testimonial Naomi.  I sincerely appreciate the kind words. 

I feel very honored and blessed.  Shiggy)

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Below is a sample of my work:
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photo shoot for a military wife:

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3) Below is a link to boudoir photo shoot of
a gorgeous mother of two:
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"FOR professionals BY professionals."™
{Shiggy Ichinomiya}

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 A boudoir shoot is an absolutely amazing gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend.  However,  it is also an incredible and fabulous gift for yourself. 
A true confidence booster. 
Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

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