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Photos: Challenged Athletes Foundation® CAF -San Diego Triathlon Challenge. Part 1 of 2

A photo-essay created by Shiggy Ichinomiya (GoShiggyGo)

As Beth Sanden said "It's the Superbowl®  and Oscars® for Challenged Athletes!!!" Love that. Love her.

San Diego Triathlon Challenge (SDTC)
Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF)
CAF's Website: Click HERE for CAF's Home Page
Title Sponsor: Aspen Medical Products

Also Photos below: 24 Hour Fitness Tour De Cove

Photographer: ©2012 Shiggy Ichinomiya

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(Above: The Gun Show!!!
Left- Roderick Urise Sewell Jr. training for the Paralympics.
Right- Rudy Garcia-Tolson. Three time Paralympian. First bilateral above-knee amputee to finish an Ironman® triathlon.  Click HERE for Rudy's Twitter page )

(Above: Out of the corner of my eye I saw a seal sleeping on the La Jolla Cove beach.  I asked Roderick and Rudy if they would mind coming in and getting a photo with Mr. Sleepy Head Seal!!)

(Above: I love how Rudy is nervously laughing.  Rudy and Roderick, the "R & R brothers" were determining if they could outrun the seal!!) 

 (Above: Second from right-Scout Bassett.
 Follow Scout on Twitter. Click HERE 
Read Scout's story in Runner's World.
Click on HERE for Scout's story in Runner's World Magazine )

(Above: Volunteers and handlers are a big part of making the CAF event so successful.)

(Above: I love how this athlete has CAF written in a black marker on his chest.)

(Above: CAF on the athlete's chest. Loud and proud.) 

(Above: Amy Dodson, who I just saw in Kona doing the Ironman® World Championship is encouraging a fellow triathlete!!!) 

(Above: The Mayor herself.  Beth Sanden ladies and gentlemen.)

(Above: An unexpected rogue wave hits the athletes.) 

(Above: A wave knocks the athletes down and starts to suck them out to sea.)

(Above: Hold on. Dig deep. Grab sand.) 

(Above: Hold on guys. Beth takes it all in and laughs.) 

(Above: Lifeguard Rescue surfboards ready to be deployed at a moments notice.)

(Above: Ray B. giving a shout-out to one of our triathlete/ LA Tri Club friends--Alex(is) Garcia!!!)

(Above: Karen Aydelott--27 time Ironman finisher. I last saw her two weeks ago doing the Kona Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.  It was her 13th time doing Kona. She qualified for the 2012 Ironman World Championship as an age-grouper at Ironman Arizona 2011.   In 2006, Karen was hit by a car while cycling and her lost her leg below the knee as a result.)

(Above: Taken with Canon 5D Mark III with AquaTech Underwater Casing.)

(Above: Green shirts = Volunteers
Blue shirts = Handlers.)

(Above: Volunteers and handlers are an integral part to any race, however, they are often over-looked. I gathered these fine young gentleman for a quick photo-op!!! They loved it. Thank you fellas for volunteering. Great karma!! Paying it Forward.)


(Above: We've got your back!)

(Above: Where is the buoy?)

(Above: Gettin' ready to swim. Let's do this.)

(Above:  Friends meeting each year and having a good laugh! Love it!!!)

(Above: Roderick, I'm gonna start calling you Colgate!!!)

(Above: Paparazzi is following us into the water with his water-proof camera!!)


(Above: Jerry wearing his CAF t-shirt a CAF visor!!)  

 (Above: Desolate transition area.)

Challenged Athletes Kids Pre-Run Stretch. 9:45am
Dodge is a CAF partner: Click HERE for Dodge's website 

(Above: Haven Shepherd, a 9 year old bilateral above-knee amputee, lost her legs in an explosion in Vietnam. Haven received her first pair of running legs through CAF in 2011.)

 (Above: Haven Shepherd getting introduced by legend, Bob Babbit-Ironman Hall of Famer, CAF Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Competitor Magzine.)

10:00 am. Challenged Athletes Kids Run

(Above: Cameron Clapp. Triple amputee!!
Check out his website: Click HERE for Cameron's Website)

From Wikipedia. Some humor (he hee!!) : A Paralympic Games aspirant, Cameron's irrepressible humor kicks in: I'd love to be in the Paralympics, but there aren't enough athletes in my category. I'm the only triple amputee that runs!

 (Above: Jonathan Pauley of Renegade Racing gives the kids some instructions prior to the Challenged Athletes Kids Run. Click HERE for Renegade Race Series)

(Above: Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda takes a photo of the guy taking a photo of her!!)

 (Above: Rosalind happy that her relay team "Pay it Forward" raised over $11,000 for CAF!!)

(Above: First across the finish line.)

(Above: My boys Rudy (left) and Roderick (right) are showing their big guns!!!)

(Above: Finisher's Medal inscribed:
The Best Day in Triathlon. Can I get an amen?)

(Above: Cameron Clapp with Cameron Clapp.
Excerpt from YouTube--->>

Cameron Clapp lost both legs above the knees and his right arm just below the elbow from being run over by a train when he was just 15 years old. Today Cameron is a full time prosthetic user and competes in running and swimming events such as the Challenged Athletes Triathlon and the UCO Endeavor Games. For more information contact a patient representative at 877-4HANGER or visit )

(Above: THE Beth Sanden.  Smile smile smile.  Beth Sanden is the USAT (USA Triathlon)  first-ever multisport award winner in the Volunteer of the Year Award category.
Please LOVE Beth's Facebook Fan Page below:
Click HERE for Beth's Fan Page. 
(Love the default photo..just sayin'!! he hee)  

 (Above: Beth and one of her mentees.) 

(Above: Left. The amazing, gorgeous and multi-talented CAF marketing manager, Jenna Novotny. Swoooon!!!
Click HERE for Jenna's bio on the CAF Website)

24 Hour Fitness Tour de Cove Stage
Click below for link.
The Tour de Cove (TDC) returns to beautiful La Jolla Cove on Sunday, October 21, 2012. Join the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) for a four and a half hour cycling marathon as the 24-Hour Fitness Tour de Cove event presents a day of awesome energy and inspiration. There will be over 100 stationary bikes and Krankcycles® on the lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the center of the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge.
The money raised for the 2012 Tour de Cove will help the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) provide funding directly to physically challenged individuals for the acquisition of adaptive sports equipment such as sports prosthetics, racing and basketball wheelchairs, handcycles, and mono-skis. Additionally, it will help subsidize competition and training expenses, produce mentoring and fitness clinics, and offer community outreach programs. (Above excerpt taken from the Challenged Athletes.Org website.)

(Above: Meow!!)

(Above: Hunter Pochop working extremely hard on the hand crank.)

(Above: Margarita Molina on the hand crank.)

(Above: Kelly Crowley raising money by pedaling using a modified handlebar.)

(Above: A volunteer handing out freshly cut oranges to the participants.)

(Above: A volunteer handing out refreshments!!!)

 (Above: Kiddos peeking to see what all the noise is!!!)

(Above: CAF cycling jersey.)

(Above: Tour de Cove cycling jersey.)

(Above: Pedal. Krank®. Change a life!!)

(Above: Media Credentials.) 

(Above: My shirt from last year. THE BEST DAY IN TRIATHLON. Amen!!!)

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Photography with heart. 



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